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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where I Left Off

When I left you, we had just finished building this~
It was originally going to be a craft studio for me.   Well, I just couldn't be so selfish.  So I decided to share it with my family and we made it into a movie house.  It is located by the pool...so we usually call it a "pool house".  Here is what Joe built to cover the windows~
When opened they look like board and batten windows shutters...I forgot to take a picture.  If I remember I will post it next time.  We left the ceiling as cathedral ceilings.  We used bead board paneling on the ceiling as well as the walls.   On the back wall Joe put up the awesome shelf~
We spend quite a bit of time in here...especially in the fall and winter.  We have installed a large LED 3D tv...not cable, just movies.
When daughter #2 came home from college for the summer, she slept out there.  Since she was working 3rd shift, it was extremely quiet for her to sleep during the day.  On the weekends we let the little ones have a "camp out" in the pool house...it is such a treat for them!
So you see, it has really come in handy...it is so cozy in there...I could LIVE in there full time!
This is a cabinet that I picked up at a tag sale for $40.  We use this to store theater boxes of candy and microwave popcorn....Prim and functional!
I stopped at GW today and couldn't find ANYTHING to redo.  Are people finally onto me?  Do they snatch up the  good wood items before I can get to them?  I will just have to look in the next town over...maybe they haven't caught on yet :o)

Tomorrow I will be going to an apple farm with daughter #6.  What a great way to celebrate Autumn!!

Wishing Y'all a wonderful Fall day!



  1. Love your movie house!Bet you all have loads of fun in there.Hugs,Jen

  2. Even though your new building didn't pan out as a craft room for you, it looks like you are still enjoying it very much. Its quite nice I might add.

    The GW in my area hasn't even had as much as a candlestick to make over the last two times I was there. Then the stuff they do have is marked with department store prices. What are they thinking!!

    Enjoy your day and have a blessed week,

  3. Hey Janene! Glad you're posting again!
    Love the pool/movie house - prim and great for the family!
    The cupboard is my favorite!
    Best wishes

  4. Oh everyone needs a movie house!! How smart!!! I love it Looks like a great place to sit and have some quiet time or read a good book!

  5. Your pool house looks amazing and what a great idea!!!!

    Wow!!! Lots going on in 2012... not too far away.

  6. A movie/pool house is an awesome idea!! That's very sweet of you to share. I'm sure the family is loving you for that sacrifice, lol.

  7. What a fun Movie House....how great is that...and such a nice mom not taking it all for herself...but oh it would have made a beautiful craft house too!

  8. Hi, I'm your new follower! Love all your prims. I am getting ready to post about all my Halloween primitive decorations in the next day or two. I am really into vintage/shabby but I especially prefer primitives in the fall.

    I will be visiting often!